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Residential Services

We can come to you. Or, save time and money and bring your PC to our shop. With more and more home-based businesses and remote working situations, your computer at home is more than just your home computer.

Is your PC Running Slow? There are many reasons for this, from malware to old software to hardware issues. We help you maintain a healthy computer that’s safe and secure.

Setting Up New Hardware

Printers, scanners, new computers? We have you covered!

Home WiFi

With more devices, increased media streaming, work from home, and video calls we can help you get the most out of your internet bandwidth with an in-home WiFi assessment to identify “dead zones” and provide solutions.

Internet Issues

Not to brag…ok, we’re bragging. We may identify and find workarounds to internet providers’ problems before they even know or resolve them. While your neighbors are offline, you’ll be back up and running.

Set Up a Home Network

More than one connected device in the house? With multiple computers, tablets, mobile and streaming devices all competing for your bandwidth, it’s ever more important to make sure they’re all secure and protected from outside incursion. We can also help you share peripherals like printers, scanners and even data in a safe, controlled environment.

Removing Viruses/Spyware

Did you click on that link even though you were a bit suspicious? Uncle Harry barely knows how to use a phone, why would he email pictures. Or perhaps the kids are downloading the “free” games.

Viruses and Spyware are getting more common and increasingly harmful. They can steal your data, destroy your computer, and infect other computers on the network or through bogus emails sent from your computer. Let us eliminate the risks by providing you with the full protection you need

Time for a new computer or new software

Let us show you the options that will work best for your situation. We never try to sell you something you don’t need. In fact, we can give you a list and you can shop yourself or let us do it for you, without a markup.

Software Issues

Unexpected errors? Frustrated with the “customer support” for your computer or programs? Let us look at the problem and craft a solution that works for you.

Backup Solutions

When it’s gone, it’s GONE! Corrupted data, lost data. That could be anything from personal pictures to your business information to those important files from work. Let us put in a backup system before the worst happens.

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