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Real Results For Our Clients

When your computer doesn't work, you don't work.

Your business STOPS when your network stops. Whether it's an outside force, like the internet going down, or a problem with hardware or software, we get you back up and working again.

Home computers can't pay bills, help the kids with homework, or find that perfect recipe for dinner.

Let us take care of all your computer needs.


Here Are Few Some Of The Client Projects And The Results 

New Building Commercial Network Renovation

Client: Insurance Agency


Client purchased an older 1-story building in an office complex and the top photo was their network closet as we found it.


The second photo shows the same space after upgrading their network security, reusing what components we could, and mounting everything in a clean, easy to access rack with complete labeling of all ports. Data lines are blue; VOIP lines are green.

Our Process

We first mapped and tested all existing cabling. From that, we determined what could be reused, and upgraded what couldn’t to support current gigabit speeds and meet current codes. A business-class Firewall/Security appliance and whole office Wi-Fi coverage with isolated guest network completed the upgrades. As part of our documentation, we created a floorplan with all final network and phone ports corresponding to our port mapping spreadsheet.

Commercial Network Upgrade

Client: Auto Glass Company


This business location consisted of an original space plus a later expansion into an adjacent space. The existing network consisted of two separate DSL networks, fed by separate DSL gateways, that loosely communicated via Wi-Fi. Internet service reliability had become an issue, as well as communication between the two networks and consistent, stable accessibility of network resources like shared printers.


Nick’s Computer Guys consolidated those separate networks into one with newly available fiber internet service as the primary source. We updated all network infrastructure to current industry standards and best practices. To improve security, we added a business-class Firewall/Security appliance and configured one of the existing DSL lines as an auto-failover to the fiber internet service.

We dramatically improved their Wi-Fi coverage using current technology access points to provide useable signal to both front office and shop, as well as an isolated guest network for customers and employee personal use.

We then created detailed documentation mapping out all the connections, IP addresses for every computer and piece of equipment connected to the network, making repairs and expansion a breeze.

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