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1 hour minimum plus $27.50 trip charge outside of Ahwatukee

On-site Service…..……….$110/hour

½ hour minimum

In-shop/Remote Service…$95/hour

Pickup & Delivery...............….….…$33

Set up new computer systems and attached peripherals such as printers, scanners, etc.


Nick’s Computer Guys provides these essential services:

Install and configure servers, network components, and peripherals

Maintain existing computers, including scheduled preventative maintenance

Provide instruction and training to help you get the most out of your computer, software, and peripherals

Diagnose and repair problems with operating systems, applications, hardware, and peripherals

Install hardware and software upgrades to help protect your IT investments and extend their useful service lives

Detect and remove viruses and malware that can slow down your system, corrupt valuable data, compromise your security or even destroy your computer

Analyze existing wireless networks for efficiency and security, helping keep your Internet service private like it belongs

Includes hardware diagnostics, clean up temporary files and browser cache, defragment & optimize hard disk, download & install driver & software updates as needed, scan & remove minor malware

PC Tune-up (in shop)................…..$90

Includes initial setup and configuration, download and install all current drivers and Windows updates, install security & maintenance software, install one software app and updates

New Computer Setup….…...........$175

No charge for initial evaluation. Please allow a minimum of 1-3 days for recovery software to scan disk (depending on size).

Typically most operational hard disks can be recovered for $275-$350, but not all recovered files may be intact. Failed RAID 0 arrays may be more and will require entire system.

Data Recovery

2017 Rate Schedule

Conduct technology audits to determine if your current technology adequately safeguards your assets, maintains data integrity and is operating effectively to achieve your goals