Are ya' feeling lucky today, pilgrim? Well, are ya'? Then ignore this page and move on to the next. But if any of the "stuff" you've got on your computer is stuff you wouldn't want to lose, these programs will help keep it safe.

The main difference between backups and disk imaging is that imaging takes a snapshot of the entire drive, allowing you to restore everything at once - operating system, applications, and data. Cloning is the process by which one copies an entire hard drive to a different one, including file/directory structure and all partitions.

Mac Backup

SugarSync - Works on all platforms including all mobile devices. 5GB free storage

Carbon Copy Cloner - Clone, backup and sync your hard drive. Free version discontinued. Online backup, 10GB free storage

SpiderOak - Online backup option promising “zero knowledge” privacy. 2gb free

Online Backup/Sync
Image, Clone & Backup

Mozy Home - Online automatic backup. 2GB free storage