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Pop-ups, hijackers, rogue anti-virus, fake computer tune-ups, key loggers, rootkits - the list of malware genres is endless, but it’s taken a decidedly nasty turn in recent years, and you are firmly in these criminals’ sights. Labeled as a group, “ransomware”, the latest threats encrypt all the data on your computer, and any mapped drives, using technology that would take a super computer years to crack, if at all. While decryption is virtually impossible without the key, a good, comprehensive backup strategy can save your bacon. Contact us for more information, before it’s too late.

Malware Gets Nastier

Cross-platform sync is a reality!

Enter a contact or event in your phone (any flavor) and it’s almost instantly available on your Windows or Mac computer or tablet - either direction, seamlessly, automatically, without any action on your part, and it’s all free! You may be surprised at the source, but we can set it up for you on any device.